The Boomer Beast is the latest instalment of the Beast line. This is the first true on road and off road mobility scooter on the market today. The Boomer Beast available features include AWD system, large capacity lithium battery pack,  solar trickle charging to extend your range and battery life and all Boomerbeast can be customize by the rider using the Daymak Drive App. The Boomer Beast can tackle any terrain from your city streets to the toughest dirt roads!


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Specs Standard Deluxe Ultimate
Price $3999 $4999 $5999
Battery 60V20AH LAB 60V 20AH Lithum Lithium, 2506 Watt hour Panasonic
Front Motor None None 500W BLDC
Rear Motor single motor 1000W single motor 1000W single motor 1000W
Controller Daymak Drive Turbo Daymak Drive Turbo Daymak Drive Turbo (2)
Solar Panel Output N/A 12W 12W
Tire Size Front 21"x7"x10" 21"x7"x10" 21"x7"x10"
Tire Size Rear 23x7-10 23x7-10 22x10-10
Headlight 12V - Regular light bulb LED LED
Seat King seat King seat King seat
Charging ports NA 2 USB + 110v 2 USB + 110v
Battery life cycles 300 1000 1000
Range Up to 25 km**, Up to 15.53 miles** Up to 30 km**, Up to 18.6 miles** Up to 90 km**, Up to 55.9 miles**
On Road Speed Up to 15 km /hr, Up to 9.3 miles/hr Up to 15 km /hr, Up to 9.3 miles/hr Up to 15 km /hr, Up to 9.3 miles/hr
Off Road Speed Up to 40 km /hr, Up to 24.8 miles/hr Up to 40 km /hr, Up to 24.8 miles/hr Up to 40 km /hr, Up to 24.8 miles/hr
Reverse Switch Yes Yes Yes
Charger 60V2.5A 110V/220V 60V3A 110V/220V 60V5A 110V/220V
Charging time Up to 6 hours by 110V 4 to 6 hours 4 to 6 hours
Degrees of incline 15 degrees 20 degrees 20 degrees
Dimensions (Imperial) L:77" W:35.5" H:57.5" L:77" W:35.5" H:57.5" L:78" W:38.6" H:59"
Dimensions (Metric) L:195cm W:90cm H:146cm L:195cm W:90cm H:146cm L:200cm W:98cm H:150cm
Weight 114kg/252LBS 115kg/254LBS 120kg/265LBS
Max Load 158kg/350LBS 158kg/350LBS 158kg/350LBS
LED Programmable lights Optional Optional Optional
Trailer Hitch Not available Included Included
ATV Rack Optional $ 129 Optional $ 129 Included

* Delivery time may vary based on order volume coming in.

* *Based on controller adjustments (more performance -> less distance , vise versa). Riders weight and terrain may also effect range. Using 2 motors at the same time will decrease range.

Programmable Controller

Adjust the Boomer Beast to adapt to your needs. Increase acceleration, torque, range or simply lock the motor all at your finger tips.

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