Bimmer Coupe

When detail matters, detail matters; this is the difference between the Coupe and the Bimmer Coupe. Like its counterpart, the Bimmer Coupe is exceptionally child friendly and requires little more than the push of a pedal and turn of a steering wheel to drive. It also comes with the remote control just in case your little one just can’t operate the car just yet. So where is the difference? … The grill! Following the design of the larger Bimmer 2 Seater, the grill on the Bimmer Coupe is rectangular in shape (unlike the “V” design of the regular Coupe). Detail certainly matters to those who pay attention to it, and believe us; details matter when it comes to your kids.

1 year Warranty available.





• Available in Black or Red
• 36W Motor
• 6V Battery
• Comes with Free Remote Control
• Some assembly required
Buy the Bimmer Coupe for $299 + Shipping + Pre-Delivery-Inspection (dealer price may vary).