We’re so close to making our goal for the EC1 that we can taste it! But we’re 99% there we just need a little boost. People have been asking every question about the EC1 and so in case you don’t feel like scrolling through a million of comments we have decided to summarize it for you here.


Frame sizes

  • As it stands the frame will come in sizes  19″, 20″, 21″, 22″ and judging by the demand for frame sizes will not be going any higher than that.
  • If we find a high demand for both the low end and high end we will more than likely make another mold to satisfy everyone
  • The frame calculator seen here is just an estimate. If you are still not sure, we suggest trying out different frame sizes as at a local bike store.

Delivery times

  • The delivery times are expected to be around May of 2016 so you’ll have the full summer to ride
  • Delays are not expected, however sometimes they aren’t avoidable. We will notify everyone immediately of any delays

Additional Parts

  • Additional parts can be purchased individually at the end of the campaign to be added on to the bike. A link will be provided where you can order
  • Different groupsets can be ordered from wherever you want, and sent to our office. We can then install them for an additional fee.



  • If you are wondering whether you should have the motor in the front or wheel, check out this article.
  • The motor can’t be upgraded above 250W at this time. This is done so that is accessible in most parts of the world.

European customers

  • Those in Europe will have there EC1’s set so that it can only go a maximum speed of 25 km/h
  • The throttle will be removed for European customers as per the law.
  • The EC1 will be certified to be EN-15194 compliant.


  • Shipping prices are an average of all the locations in a given country. For example shipping to New York City may only be $125 but shipping to Seattle is $450. We tried the best we could to find a happy medium that makes it the most accessible to everyone without over promising on shipping costs.
  • We offer local pick up as well. There is a small handling fee for local pick up.

So there you have it guys. Lets break the barrier and make the 99% a thing of the past