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Private Offering


Daymak is pursuing a private offering of equity through accredit investors only. This website is considered a public solicitation, however, it is not a crowd-funding solicitation. This offering is only available to accredited investors. Non-accredited investors are kindly requested to skip the investor section of the website.


Typical Investment Process


1. Become familiar with the Daymak business through this website or other investment materials you may have been provided.


2. Fill out the form to receive full presentation, financials and further details.


3. Contact Jason Roy at jroy@presmont.com or 416.775-3575x225 to ask questions, get a tour or setup a conference call.


4. Receive term sheets and other summary materials.


5. Conference call or meeting in person with the management team.


6. Receive the subscription agreement. The subscription agreement is the definitive and only document you should rely on in making an investment decision. See the table of content below. It is particularly important that you understand the investment risks involved.


7. Due diligence by the investor.


8. Fill out the investor questionnaire and other offering documents included, and type of investment


9. Acceptance by the company by countersigning documents. Funds have to be sent to Daymak’s Lawyers LaBarge Weinstein LLP. Lafarge Weinstein LLP who will release shares directly to you.


10. Congratulations you are a Daymak shareholder!

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