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Daymak Introduces New Line of Products Under it's new brand Daymak C5

Daymak has unveiled their new brand Daymak C5, with its first line projected to launch December 2017. Daymak C5 will be focused on excellence and premium quality for those who want innovation that mirrors the rapid technological advancements of 2016. The Daymak C5, will achieve levels of torque, top speed and range reminiscent of its gas counter-parts while still offering 0 carbon emission products. Inspired by rapid climate changes, and the environmental goals 

“Imagine taking an ebike and getting speeds over 100 km/h. That’s where we want to be with C5. That is our goal” – Aldo Baiocchi President of Daymak

All of the Daymak C5 line will be developed in Toronto, making it one of the few Canadian ebike manufacturers.

“We wanted the quality control of the C5 to be at the next level, we want anyone on a C5 to not only know they paid for quality but we want them to feel it” - Aldo Continued

The C5 brand will be launching its line with the EM1 C5, a 96V 30Ah lithium-ion battery pack and a dual motor drive system for a total of 10kWh of torque (20 times the amount of the original EM1).

“With the C5 brand shortly on the horizon we are going to see the ebike market take off 2017” Akili Sylvester, Marketing Coordinator projected.

A new high-powered pocket bike, an electric go-kart, and the next iteration of the Beast are to follow in 2017.

For more information contact 416-658-3993x 210 Akili Marketing Coordinator or email us at


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