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Daymak Launches New Boomerbeast 2 - the First Mobility Scooter that Recharge in Just 20 Minutes with Lithium Titanate Battery

TORONTO, Daymak is soldering its commitment to the light electric vehicle (LEV) with the announcement of the new Daymak Boomerbeast 2 - the first electric mobility scooter with fast-charging battery technology. This zero emissions scooter can be easily plugged into a regular power outlet and juiced to 100% only in 20 minutes.


"We have improved the overall design of the Boomerbeast. We have lowered the unit base and reduced its length for more stable and comfortable ride. We have also increased the battery size and range up to 50 km, even on the lowest configuration," said Aldo Baiocchi, president of Daymak, Inc.


Launching not one, but three different models simultaneously; the Boomerbeast Standard, Deluxe and Ultimate. The premium Boomerbeast Ultimate model is powered by 60v25ah lithium-titanate battery (also referred to as LTO), which has 20,000 charge cycles support. "With a life cycle of 50 years and charging time of 20 minutes from empty to full, this is the most advanced mobility scooter on the planet and is a proudly Canadian-developed product," continued Aldo.


The incredibly powerful 1200w motor of the Ultimate provides high torque in order to climb any steep incline as well as a fully adjustable leather seat that provides long-lasting comfort and support a rider of up to 150 kg (330 lbs). Just like the previous model, the popular Daymak Drive app also allows users to personalize their mobility scooter's performance by adjusting setting such as its torque, range, and acceleration.


The Boomerbeast helps users regain their confidence with their mobility and can now easily handle urban commutes on the sidewalks. It's also capable of taking riders where they have never gone before in off road conditions. Terrain such as mud, rocks, dry sand and snow can all be ridden on comfortably and safely, thanks to the large 10" wide tires. The Boomerbeast is an ideal option for individuals with mobility issues and want to explore the world like never before.


All of the Boomerbeast models come packed with signature features to enhance the lives of those who ride it. The Boomerbeast Deluxe features 60v40ah lithium-ion battery to achieve its 60 km range while the Standard version comes with 60v30ah lead acid battery pack with 50 km in range. Additional upgrades to the Boomerbeast 2 include:


  • Fully adjustable leather seat and rear rack for additional carrying capabilities
  • 300 - 400 battery cycles (Standard), 1,000 battery cycles (Deluxe) and 20,000 battery cycles (Ultimate)
  • Alarm system & digital speedometer
  • LED front light
  • Available in black and red


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