Daymak's New Electric Off-Road Line ready to turn heads!

Daymak Dunebuggy 3000

Daymak's Dunebuggy 3000

Daymak Beast ATV Deluxe

Daymak's Beast ATV Deluxe

TORONTO, August .18, 2018 /-- Daymak Inc. has launched its off-road line of electric vehicles specializing in ATVs, UTVs, go-karts and more for those looking for a sense of adventure when they ride. Daymak has also redesigned their website with the Daymak Off-road site which can be found at


“We wanted to expand our line so that we can continue to help the environment by reaching more demographics than ever before.”  - Aldo Baiocchi President of Daymak said. “We had some ATVs, and some off-road ebikes but we really wanted to beef up the all-terrain aspect in our line.” He continued.


The Daymak Off road line features new units, including utility vehicles, the Daymak UTV and UTV jr. two Dune buggies, The Daymak Dune buggy 3000 and the Daymak Dune buggy jr. as well as the new Beast ATV and Beast ATV deluxe, all wheeled drive ATVs.


Daymak has also opened a testing facility in Clarington Ontario, just east of Toronto to put these units to test in the true Canadian outback! “It was of utmost importance for us to make sure that not only will these units are electric and environmentally friendly, but will be able to withstand what the off-road Canadian environment can throw at them.” – Aldo continued. This facility has access to the Ganaraska forest trails where all units can be set to perform and give real-life performance metrics.


With that, Daymak has teamed up with Ebike Universe to open a location in the area to also provide customers the same opportunity to test ride units prior to purchase. This effectively allows people to understand exactly what to expect with their purchase.


Check out our full line of Off-road products for specs and other information here at For inquiries including testing of these units contact Jason Roy, Vice President, Daymak Inc. at 1-800-649-9320 ext. 1103



Daymak Beast Ultimate

Daymak's Beast Ultimate

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