Lamborghini Aventador

SRP : $599

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Make your loved one the envy on the block with the brand new Lamborghini Aventador kids electric ride on toy from Daymak. This officially licensed Lamborghini ride on is an almost replicable of the real Aventador Roadster SV! It comes with fully operable butterfly doors so when the kid rolls in they can feel like a true star. It’s also fitted with two seats with fully operational seat belts so they can take a bud with them as they cruise down the street. And it wouldn’t truly be a Lamborghini if it didn’t have power, this toy car has a 12V battery pack to satisfy the child’s need for speed! But don’t worry, you have full control of where and how fast they can go with the remote control until you’re confident they can take the wheel by themselves. Other features include operable LED headlights, push to start ignition and MP3 playback! Give the gift that will be the remembered for a lifetime, the Lamborghini Aventador electric ride-on toy car.




Operable Doors

The Lamborghini Aventador comes with a fully operable Butterfly doors that open on both sides. Make sure that your child makes the entrance or exit of a superstar.

MP3 Connectivity

With the Aventador, you can load up a USB stick with all of your kids favourite songs and play it through the built-in speakers on the toy car. Sometimes it’s important to be seen AND heard.

LED Headlights

This Lamborghini comes with built in LED headlights that can be turned off and on with a switch, are bright enough to light a dark room and just complete the overall look of how cool it is!


Lamborghini Aventador
SRP $599

Lamborghini Aventador
SRP $599

Lamborghini Aventador
SRP $599



  • Electrical

    Motor 35W x 2
    Battery 12V 7AH Lead Acid
    Battery Life 300 cycles
    Removable battery Removable only to replace
    Charger 12V 1AH
    Charge time 6 - 8 hours
    Lights LED
  • Dimensions & Weight

    Max load 49 kg
    Net weight 46 lbs
    Dimensions Assembled 52" x 29" x 19"
    In Box Weight 60 lbs
  • Additional Information

    Top Speed 7 km/h
    Doors Butterfly
    Seat Belts Yes
    Number of seats 1
    Extras MP3 / Remote Control


* Travel range is based on riding on level ground, no stops, no winds, warm temperatures for a 175lb rider with no extra cargo.

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