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Mini Countryman

SRP : $499

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The Daymak Mini Countryman is the next licensed motorized ride-on toys licensed by Mini. The larger Mini Countryman comes in white blue and red, and has a 12V motor for the additional power and run time. It comes with LED headlights turn signals, F/N/R Transmission with two speed controls for speeds to go up to 5 km/h. Choose to let your child to ride on their own accord or control it manually with a remote control so they can cruise and just enjoy the view. Plug in your digital MP3 player and play your favourite tunes while you ride, but don’t forget to charge it when the indicator light comes on. Great for a run time up to an hour and charge it for 8 hours so you’re ready to go again! Get the Daymak Mini Countryman electric ride-on and be sure to make a lasting impression on any kid that rides one!

LED Headlights

The Mini Countryman has fully functioning headlights that turn on as soon as you go! These LED lights use very little battery power so you can spend as much time riding and less time charging. A nice little piece of authenticity for the Mini brand.

MP3 Connectivity

The Mini Countryman comes with an auxiliary output port that allows you to connect your smart phone or mp3 directly to the car and play your favourite songs. Enjoy the top 40 or even some fun racing music and ride in style.

Remote Control

With the Mini Countryman you have a remote control that allow you to take the helm and drive the car yourself! If you want to make sure your kid rides safely you can simply set the ride-on to remote control mode and let your kid enjoy the ride!


BMW Countryman

SRP $499


BMW Countryman

SRP $499

BMW Countryman

SRP $499




  • Electrical

    Motor Single
    Battery 12V 7AH Lead Acid
    Battery Life 300-400 cycles
    Removable battery Removable only to replace
    Charger input 110V-240V
    Charge time 8 - 12 hours
    Lights LED
  • Dimensions & Weight

    Max load 30 kg
    Net weight 40 lbs
    Dimensions Assembled 47" x 25" x 20"
    In Box Weight 50 lbs
  • Additional Information

    Run time up to 1.5 Hours
    Top Speed 5 km/h
    Climbing incline 5 degrees
    Brakes Electronic Brakes
    Key ignition No
    Extras MP3 / Remote Control


* Travel range is based on riding on level ground, no stops, no winds, warm temperatures for a 175lb rider with no extra cargo.


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