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The All new Beast ATV, successor to the Ultra Beast!

Beast ATV AWD Deluxe

Beast ATV Deluxe features AWD drive system!

TORONTO, Sep.8, 2018 /-- Daymak Inc. is proud to announce its second iteration of its electric AWD ATVs, the Beast ATV 4WD. The all new Beast ATV has some key upgrades to its predecessor the Ultra Beast to keep up with requests from its riders. “Daymak make these electric ATVs, and other LEVs (light electric vehicles) with the rider as our top priority. So when we read comments, receive emails or phone calls, we take everything into consideration so we can make a better product. By making a superior product we hope to effectively reduce the amount of carbon emitting vehicles.” – Akili Sylvester, Project Manager.


The new Beast ATV, now is starting at an introductory price of $4999, which is a $1000, less than the Ultra Beast. “It was just as important for the Beast ATV, to be a piece of innovative, and fun technology as it is to be an economic and accessible one.” Aldo Baiocchi President stated. “We we’re able to achieve this by reducing some of the redundancies, going from 3 to 2 controllers, and using two motors instead of 3 etc.” He continued.


Now with the new Beast ATV, Daymak has shaved the total width of the unit for a total of 6 inches which brings both front wheels within the wheel well, minimizing the amount of dirt and debris flung on the rider. “That was definitely one of our most common requests, for sure.”Akili said. “We wanted to bring in the front wheel distance without increasing the total price of the unit drastically, so we took some time in the development process and came up with a cost effective solution that does both perfectly.” Akili continued.


Other key features include, the Daymak drive Bluetooth controller that allows you to configure performance using your smart phone. A winch coming standard on all models, a range of up to 80 km on a single charge, and many more accessories on the Deluxe model, including rear carrying case, rear tow ball joint, and high powered LED spotlight headlights.


The Beast ATV went through vigorous testing in Daymak’s testing facility in Clarington Ontario. “We needed harsher conditions for testing our electric ATVs so we have been using this facility to put it through some rough Canadian terrain, and we were nothing short of amazed by the results!” Aldo Baiocchi stated.


The Beast ATV is now available from your local Daymak dealer. For more information please feel free to contact Jason Roy, Vice President, at 1-800-649-9320 ext. 1103


Daymak Beast ATV Winch

Beast ATV comes standard with Winch!


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