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Why choose Daymak?

Daymak has been in business since 2001. We believe in a greener environment. We believe in giving our clients better service and better experience. Our goal is to make the world green one vehicle at a time.We have grown from a 300 sq. foot location to over 60,000 square feet operation. We believe that we should give our clients more value than anyone else. We believe in educating our clients the best way possible to increase their success rate. We believe in sharing our information with our dealers, so that they are successful and thus make us successful. Our real time inventory is online accessible 24/7.

Who can buy and sell our ebikes?

Ebikes/Scooters/Mobility give freedom to the end users, fun or improve people’s lives. They are used as main means of transportation. They are an affordable alternative to cars and public transportation. They do not require insurance or licensing and they are 100% green. Ebikes can be a great additional revenue stream for bicycle shops, ebike stores, car dealers, used car dealers, motorcycle shops, recreational vehicles stores, automotive stores, automotive parts stores, mobility places, golf cars distributors, large variety store and green stores! Ebikes are easy to ride as bicycles with very few moving parts to replace. We offer training for technical and for sales and marketing

Daymak invents new exciting products!

Daymak has a strong research and development team developing amazing new products.Almost all our product have our new Daymak Drive controller. From the mini pithog (chainless), to our ATVs, our mobility scooters and our scooter ebikes. What does it mean? It means users and dealers can customize the ride. You can set torque, regenerative brakes, lock the motor and much more. The Daymak Drive LED controllers also controls LED lights and changes colour on your ebike.

Check out the video for better explanation.

In 2015 we lauched the beast, an on road off road electric bike. The Beast features a solar panel case, off road tires and a programmable controller. Visit for more info.

In 2016 we launched the Boomerbeast please visit, the EC1 Electric carbon ebike please visit and Beast D check out the video

In 2017 we launched the Daymak Solar case check out the video and updated Photon Scooter

In 2018 we launching the EC2 , EC3, Moto Rickshaw, Mini Beast and much more! Sign up to get our latest catalog!

We at Daymak believe that our products should always be improved. We want to set the standard.

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Educational Material

We believe in educating our clients and dealers. We have a Youtube channel with lots of instructions video, tips and repairs. We offer training for your salespersons and for your technicians.We offer online videos for all end-users.

Assembly Videos
Informative Videos
Repair Videos

Marketing Material

Online access to our media library, will allow you to get a jump start on creating your own advertisements.

Marketing material
Poster Designs
Hi-Res Images
HD Video

Online Ebike Orders

Real time inventory and the latest products through DAYMAK1.COM

Online Parts Orders

Access to online orders for parts, helmets and batteries with real time inventory through our partner site: OMGEXTRAS.COM


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For more information call 1-800-649-9320. To order a product please visit a dealer near you. Click here to find a dealer. Daymak Inc. All rights reserved.