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Mobility Scooters


Mobility scooters have emerged as indispensable aids for individuals with mobility challenges, revolutionizing the way people regain independence and navigate their surroundings. Designed to provide a convenient and accessible mode of transportation, these electric vehicles offer a range of benefits that significantly enhance the quality of life for those with limited mobility.

The Boomerbuggy Story

Within the tapestry of time, a captivating saga unfolds—the story of the beloved Boomerbuggy, born from the visionary spirit of John McCleary. Originating in 1998, John, a resident of Orangeville, ON, introduced the original 3-wheeled electric scooters to Canada, initially marketed as “Electric Fun Vehicles” for recreational bliss. Unexpectedly, they became a lifeline for seniors seeking mobility, affectionately dubbed the “Boomerbuggy.”

As the Boomerbuggy’s popularity soared, John, grappling with Multiple Sclerosis, embarked on a mission to redefine its purpose. Acknowledging the imperative for enhanced torque and range, he took on the meticulous task of re-engineering the controller right on Canadian soil. His vision extended beyond mere recreation—he aspired to craft a mobility assist-vehicle, reliable and empowering, particularly for those with disabilities. This heartfelt endeavor was deeply rooted in his personal journey with Multiple Sclerosis.

Throughout the development phase, John’s unwavering determination faced the challenges of his own health battles. The Boomerbuggy evolved into more than a source of joy for seniors; it became a symbol of hope for those with limited mobility. John’s dream was to seamlessly blend reliability and fun into this innovative vehicle, envisioning a future where it stood tall as a symbol of liberation. 

In April 2003, John McCleary succumbed to his battle with Multiple Sclerosis, leaving behind a legacy that transcends time. His company found a new home with Daymak Inc., and the journey continued. The pivotal controller, now proudly named the proprietary “Daymak Drive,” emerged as the robust beating heart of the Boomerbuggy. 

Today, Yeg Baiocchi and Aldo Baiocchi, founders of Daymak Inc., stand as torchbearers of this legacy, expressing eternal gratitude to John McCleary and his family for their steadfast contributions. The technological brilliance of Boomerbuggy, masterfully crafted by John, seamlessly integrates into the DNA of the Daymak Drive, ensuring that his visionary spirit lives on. 

Over the years, the Boomerbuggy has evolved, giving rise to new models such as the Boomerbuggy II, III, IV, V, Boomerbeast, Boomerbuggy X Pro, and Boomerbuggy Split. Simultaneously, the “Daymak Drive” has undergone its own evolution to meet the demands of new safety and comfort technologies, ensuring it remains robust and scalable to adapt to the ever-changing landscape of mobility scooters. 

The story continues with a promise of more innovative models and technological advancements to come in the future. Join us in celebrating the Boomerbuggy, where every ride resonates with the enduring legacy of John McCleary.