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Daymak's Vision

Our Goal is to reduce the carbon footprint one electric vehicle at a time!










Daymak, Inc, founded in 2002 with headquarters in Toronto, is a pioneer in personal light electric vehicles (LEVs). Daymak has a world-class global distribution network including 150 dealers and big-box retailers like Walmart, Costco, and Best Buy. Daymak is the number one distributor and developer of LEVs in Canada with more than 100,000 vehicles sold, and is known for cutting-edge designs like the world’s first fully wireless e-bike and Canada’s first solar-powered, off-road e-bike and the upcoming Daymak Wireless Platform (WPT).


Daymak Wireless Platform (WPT) is in development and it is to be completed by Q3 2023. There are four distinct platforms to cover: personal electric vehicle platform, mobility scooter platform, electric ATV platform, and electric recumbent bike platform. Each platform will include the vehicle chassis, drivetrain, steering and suspension systems. Using the WPT will allow Daymak to develop next generation level vehicles at much lower cost. Daymak WPT will also be available for licensing worldwide.


Daymak is a large shareholder in the  Avvenire Electric Vehicle Corp. Avvenire is developing is a comprehensive line-up of ground-breaking personal mobility vehicles including everything from electric cars to electric flying vehicles, set for production starting in 2023.


Daymak continues to redefine powered mobility, empowering individuals to make statements, not emissions, on their way to a connected, accessible future. To explore that future please visit

The  Avvenire series can be seen at: