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Daymak’s Black Friday sales on HSN

TORONTO (November  28, 2023) – ( Daymak Inc. has sold over 5000 ebikes in a single day on HSN TV. Making it the most ebikes every sold in the USA in 1 day.


In a groundbreaking achievement on November 28, 2023, Daymak Inc. set a new record by selling over 5000 ebikes in a single day on HSN TV, marking the highest number ever sold in the USA within 24 hours.


The star performers were the Max S 48V and the Paris 48V, both equipped with 7-speed Shimano and 5 levels of pedal assist. Boasting an impressive range of up to 40 miles and a top speed of 20 mph, these ebikes became instant hits. The Max S 48V was priced at $999 USD, while the Paris 48V was sold for $1199 USD.


Aldo Baiocchi, President of Daymak, expressed the company’s excitement, stating, “We’re thrilled with the phenomenal success on HSN—a record-breaking achievement! We look forward to 2024 with great anticipation for the next show.” This success not only underscores the demand for Daymak’s innovative electric bikes but also sets the stage for continued growth and innovation in the electric vehicle market.


Established in 2002 and headquartered in Toronto, Daymak Inc. is a pioneering force in personal light electric vehicles (LEVs). With a world-class global distribution network featuring 200 dealers and key retailers like TSC, HSN, Walmart and Best Buy, Daymak is recognized as the leading distributor and developer of LEVs in Canada. Having surpassed 100,000 vehicles sold, the company is acclaimed for its avant-garde designs, notably the world’s first fully wireless e-bike and Canada’s groundbreaking solar-powered, off-road e-bike.  Daymak is actively developing the Daymak WPT (wireless power platform), an innovative next-generation wireless, adaptable, and licensable platform specifically designed for light electric vehicles.