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Outdoor use only.

Boomerbeast 2

SRP : $3,799

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If you’re looking for an awesome 3 Wheeled Scooter, this is definitely it. The Boomerbeast allows just about anyone to enjoy the outdoors as it was meant to. The Boomerbeast gives you balance speed and a certain ruggedness that will turn heads when you ride by. Create your own roads and don’t let anything stop you from going where you want. Put a little bit of excitement back in to your day to day and embrace what life has to offer with the Boomerbeast!

Version Standard Deluxe D
Motor 1000W 1000W 1000W + 500W
Controller Daymak Drive Bluetooth Daymak Drive Bluetooth Daymak Drive Bluetooth x 2
Battery 60V 30AH SLA 60V 40AH Lithium 60V 40AH Lithium
Range up to 50km* up to 60km* up to 60km*
Battery life 300-400 cycles 1,000 cycles 1,000 cycles
SRP $3799 $5999 $7499
Availability Now 30 Days from order 30 Days from order

Battery Pack

The Boomerbeast Standard has a 60V 30 Ah lead acid battery pack. With 30% more power than the previous version, the Boomerbeast can take you further than ever.

Front Wheel

Conquer trails and roads alike with the signature 21“ x 7” x  10” front tires 23” x 7” x 10” rear tires. These knobby tires make riding in the outback a breeze while the three tires keeps you stable in whatever situation you get into. With the D version the Boomerbeast becomes all wheel drive.

This will help with difficult inclines and terrian.


The Boomerbeast Features adjustable  Seat for a comfortable ride. The adjustable arm rests gives you a relaxed position for whatever your height is.



Boomerbeast 2
SRP $3,799


Boomerbeast 2
SRP $3,799



  • Electrical

    Motor 1000W
    Battery 60V 30AH Lead Acid
    Battery Life 300-400 cycles
    Removable battery Removable only to replace
    Charger input 110V-240V
    Charge time 6 - 8 hours
    Lights LED
  • Dimensions & Weight

    Max load 150 kg
    Net weight 300 lbs
    Dimensions Assembled 69” x 39“x 41”
    In Box Weight 325 lbs
    Seat Height 32"
  • Additional Information

    Range up to 50 km on throttle*
    Climbing incline 15 degrees
    Tire size 21“ x 7” x 10” Front Tires 23” x 7” x 10” Rear Tires
    Gauges Battery level, speedometer, odometer.
    Brakes Front and back disc brakes
    Key ignition Yes


* Travel range is based on riding on level ground, no stops, no winds, single motor, warm temperatures for a 175lb rider with no extra cargo.


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